„Information war“ radio show on Slovakia's Slobodny vysielac (Free Radio) on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 at 9:00pm CET (GMT+1:00)

26.02.2015 21:00
What: radio show „Information war“
topic: „MMR vaccine, gastrointestinal disorders, autism and a new age witch hunt“

You can write your questions/objections/… via e-mail or call directly to the studio.
Language: English
       There will be a Slovak translation available on
       www.slobodaVockovani.sk within few weeks after the show
About what: * research of Dr. Wakefield et al. after the 1998 Lancet paper
* what happens to a researcher, who dares to link vaccination with a serious disorder/disability?
* all the things Dr. Wakefield was accused of and what is real?
* how responsible is the government authorities' approach to the mass vaccination policy?
* more-than-friendly relationships of vaccine manufacturers with health officials
* what (pseudo)science is the current mass vaccination based on?
* current research on vaccination-autism link
* disasterous changes of public health protection bill in the Czech parliament
When: on Thursday
February 26th, 2015 AD

starting at 900 pm CET (Central European Time = GMT+1:00)
(Moscow: 1100 pm; London/GMT: 800 pm; New York: 300 pm; Dallas: 200 pm;
Los Angeles: 1200 pm; Anchorage: 1100 am; Honolulu: 1000 am;
Perth: 400 am on Friday, Feb 27th; Brisbane: 600 am on Friday, Feb 27th;
Sydney: 700 am on Friday, Feb 27th; Auckland: 900 am on Friday, Feb 27th)
Where: internet radio station
Slobodny vysielac (Free Radio, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia)
upútavka na Slobodný vysielač

low bandwidth live stream: http://aac16.slobodnyvysielac.sk/
high quality live stream: http://aac.slobodnyvysielac.sk/
Who: * Dr. Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, surgeon, gastroenterologist,
   researcher of a link between MMR-vaccine and autism/bowel disease,
   author of Callous Disregard and Waging War on the Autistic Child
* Dr. Viera Scheibner, vaccine adverse effects researcher, www.VieraScheibner.com
* Ing. Marián Fillo, editor in chief of www.slobodaVockovani.sk
   (Slovakia's most visited website on vaccination)
* Norbert Lichtner, editor of Slobodny vysielac
* you - listeners
Phone: +421 48 381 01 01
E-mail: studio@slobodnyvysielac.sk


Dr. Andrew Jeremy Wakefield:
Dr. Andrew Jeremy Wakefield
Dr. Viera Scheibner:
Dr. Viera Scheibner



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